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Global Chiropractic + Rehab Center Services

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer for complicated health problems. At Global Chiropractic + Rehab Center, we’re proud to provide more comprehensive care than you’ll find anywhere else. Dr. Sorouri adapts his approach for every patient, bringing you the best in customized care so you can achieve incredible health.


Adjustments may look scary, but they feel great. We provide gentle adjustments to align the neck, back, pelvis, or extremities as needed. This cornerstone of natural health care helps your nervous system—and your entire body—function optimally.

Rehab + Physical Therapy

Pain, injury, and surgery take a toll on your whole body. The key to full recovery is strengthening and stabilizing injured joints and muscles. We specialize in state-of-the-art methods to help you recover and prevent future trauma.

Therapeutic Massage

You can relax while enjoying better health. Caring for muscles and soft tissues is just as important as maintaining structural alignment. Our licensed therapists provide clinical massage therapy to support your healing process.


Your recovery prescription may include many modalities to speed up healing, including electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, and cryotherapy. We’ll talk with you about your specific needs and which technologies may help you in your wellness journey.


Acupuncture involves gently inserting a hair-thin, sterile needle into specific points. We use this time-tested technique to relieve pain and resolve muscle spasms—no medication required!

Nutritional Counseling

Good nutrition is essential for your body to flourish. We coach our patients on the importance of maintaining an anti-inflammatory diet, which helps reduce pain and lowers your risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Through supplements and creative tips for home cooking you’ll actually enjoy, we work together as a team to help you achieve long-term health.

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We don’t limit our care to the spine, but look out for your whole-body health. Book today.

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