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About Global Chiropractic + Rehab Center

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A Comprehensive Response to Pain

At Global Chiropractic + Rehab Center, we take a holistic approach to health care. Our name reflects both who we are and what we believe when it comes to investing in the human body. Dr. Sorouri, a global citizen, grew up in the Middle East before living in Europe and settling in the U.S. Even more importantly, we take a global perspective when approaching health problems to ensure the most effective results.

For example, we don’t respond to knee pain with a simple knee adjustment, as that may not be enough. Knee pain often comes from the foot or hip. During your assessment, we’ll look at your mechanics, posture, muscles, and movements to determine whether orthotics, hip strengthening, or even adding in warm-ups before a workout might help address the underlying issue.

We’re committed to your head-to-toe health, and we won’t give up until you’re feeling incredible.

Honest, Compassionate Care

Global Chiropractic + Rehab Center started over 20 years ago with a vision for going beyond adjustments to also incorporate rehab and a broad spectrum of healing therapies into our holistic clinic. We wanted to offer more comprehensive care than most chiropractors, targeting pain from every angle to deliver superior results.

Dr. Sorouri always knew he would end up in the West. He followed his uncle and sister to Chicago, where he quickly fell in love with its crazy weather and dynamic ups and downs.

As he began dreaming about bringing better chiropractic care to the city, his real estate agent told him Roscoe Village wasn’t an up-and-coming area—it was already here! Dr. Sorouri invested in the community, and he’s never regretted it. We’ve been in the same office since day one, and we love it here.

Relax Your Way to Wellness Today

Healing should be an enjoyable experience. Reach out to our team today to start your healing journey.

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