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Meet the Team at Global Chiropractic + Rehab Center

Arielle Clay, LMT

ArielleArielle graduated From Soma Institute 2021.

I got interested in massage therapy at a young age. I had to be my paraplegic grandfather’s therapist. I had to be the left side of his body while he operated his right side. I played almost every sport, while also involving myself in building and drawing. I decided to study three different majors Criminal Justice, Sports Medicine and Architecture. Although I was very interested in these majors, I shortly realized I had a passion for something different. I decided to attend Soma Institute to pursue a career as a Massage Therapist. My specialties are Sports Massage, Chair Massage, Hydrotherapy, Swedish, Cupping, Trigger Point, Myofascial and Lymph Massage. Since becoming a clinical massage therapist I’ve been able to connect with my patients in a way I would have never imagined. I am so pleased that my work helps heal people.

Natalia Rusznica, LMT

NataliaNatalia comes from a background specifically centered around physical and mental wellbeing. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and is a graduate from New School of Massage. Natalia has the skillset to accommodate her patient’s needs and improve their overall wellbeing using a variety of techniques such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Myofascial, Pregnancy, cupping and stretching. Her goal is having her patients relax, decrease their pain and have them leave refreshed. When Natalia is not at the clinic, you will find her spending time with her husband, staying active, eating sweets and laughing with friends and family.

Tina Starcevic, LMT

TinaTina Starcevic is a highly skilled massage therapist with over 20 years of experience in the field. She specializes in deep tissue, Swedish, trigger point release, prenatal and lymphatic drainage massage with a particular expertise and passion for treating neck and shoulder pain. After graduating from the Soma Institute in 2003, Tina has dedicated her career to helping people feel their best through the power of massage therapy.

Tina is an avid bird watcher and nature preservationist. In her free time, she enjoys bike riding, traveling internationally and camping. She has two rescue cats and operates a small wildlife refuge in Indiana.

Manuel Cruz, LMT

Manuel Cruz, LMTManny graduated from the New School of Massage in Chicago. He has been a student of Chinese philosophy, Culture, and Massage Therapy since he became an active member with the Asian Bodywork Club in 2006. He is a student of the Shu Family School of Tai Chi Ch’uan. He practices Pilates and has a variety of experience in both clinical and private Massage practices. He uses his skills in Thai Massage, Trigger point therapy, Cupping, Gua Sha, and other pain management techniques to help clients find much needed relief.

Robert Bershardsky, LMT

Robert Bershardsky, LMTRobert is a yoga teacher/therapist, circus performer and overall explorer of movement who uses his knowledge of the body to understand the day to day tension and unique situations of muscular tension or injury in his patients. He uses a mix of myofascial release with slow Trigger Point Therapy and Thai Massage to create deep change within the body allowing for a soft reset to help the nervous system create a stronger foundation for long term health and functionality.

Robert enjoys fire spinning, having people stand on his shoulders and challenging himself in creative ways to expand his performing arts. Robert is vegan and loves cooking whenever he has the chance!

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